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"Pencil artwork can easily be seen as a basic form of artistic impression but I believe its simplicity to be the main attraction.  Working solely with a pencil, subjects are reduced down to their basic tone and texture, making it a deceptively complicated discipline.  Despite drawing all my life I have still spent the last 10 years developing these skills to be able to present to people my unique style.  My approach is to achieve detailed realism while giving life and character to my subjects.  The beautiful scenery and wildlife surrounding my home in the Yorkshire Dales is a continued inspiration for my work, leading me to specialise in British wildlife and rural subjects."

-  Nolon Stacey

About Nolon

Nolon Stacey is a self-taught artist specialising in charcoal and pencil drawings of British wildlife, farm animals and dogs


Despite never having any formal art training, Nolon has been drawing all his life. As a child it was a passion he followed throughout school, and after taking a different turn to gain a degree in Mathematics from The University of Warwick, he soon returned to drawing.  He began by specialising in human portraiture before moving onto drawing dogs. After a few years, Nolon decided it was time to move onto a subject which would give him more artistic freedom and so began drawing the local wildlife.  Gaining inspiration from living in the Yorkshire Dales and the picturesque surroundings and varied wildlife around him, Nolon has gone on to create a large portfolio of work of both domestic and wild animals.

Each drawing can take anywhere from 30 to 100 hours to complete and Nolon has spent the last 10 years developing the skills and techniques which has resulted in his unique and instantly recognisable style. His approach is to give life and character to each of his subjects while achieving a high level of realism. 


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